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Wedding  Packages

Introducing our Slovenian Wedding Wine Package!


Let us take care of one of the most important decisions for the big day — Where to get your wine? Surprise and impress your guests with a selection of wines from the one of Green Slovenia’s biggest kept secrets - The Vipava Wine Valley!


Our Slovenian Wedding Wine Package is the perfect way to provide your guests with incredible quality & unique wine at a fantastic price, delivered to your door!

We can arrange any size of wedding day package to suit your special day, but here is an idea of how a package of 36 bottles for 25 guests could look.


Aperitif: PINELA sparkling wine  (6 bottles)

Appetizer: ZELEN (12 bottles)

Main course: PINOT NOIR (12 bottles)

Dessert: YELLOW MUSCAT semi-sweet (6 bottles)


Your 36 bottle package will be sent directly to your home address
in a 3 day delivery time for only €300 incl delivery. This is just €10 per guest!

Slovenian Wedding Wine Weekend Away Package


And why not also treat yourselves to a wonderful weekend away in Green Slovenia before the wedding to meet the people who will prepare your unique wedding package? You will see the stunning location where the unique grapes grow and of course get to decide exactly which wines will light up your special day!


The Jamšek vineyard is located on the slopes of one of Slovenia’s most beautiful & undiscovered wine regions, the "Vipava Valley" and you will learn all about us and our different wines so you can inform and surprise your guests with the incredible quality and varieties of vintage we can produce on our sun soaked 1,000m high vines.

In the Vipava valley we have unique wines such as Zelen & Pinella and this is the only place in the world you can grow and find these unique wines!


Our Slovenian Wedding Wine Weekend Away Package for 2 nights costs as little as €399 per couple and includes luxury B&B accommodation at nearby Lipizzaner Lodge, a visit to the Vipava valley with personal driver, lunch and evening meal at two of the best restaurants in the valley and plenty of time for wine tasting at the Jamšek vineyard!


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Erika and Marko of Jamšek Wines welcome you to the Vipava valley and Chris and Hanna welcome you to Lipizzaner Lodge for the ultimate wine shopping weekend!